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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 


Applications should be made direct to Yardley Wood Community Primary School via school office. 

For those parents who have applied direct via School Admissions, upon notification from School Admissions, we will place that child on our waiting list.

Should a place become available, we will offer the place to pupil, should no response be gained within 5 days we will send a chaser letter if we still receive no response the place will be withdrawn and we will then advise Admissions & Appeals.  If contact is gained and they do not want the place the child will then automatically be withdrawn and we will then advise Admissions & Appeals.

We have 52 places in Nursery and 60 in Reception as of Sept 2013. There are 30 pupils per class for other year groups. Should a child wish to go on our waiting list parent / guardian will need to complete paperwork. Paperwork is held in the school office, and all admissions are now dealt with by school direct. Pupils will be held on waiting list in order of date of application. Priority will usually be given to pupils who already have a sibling currently attending our school. If the applicant does not have a sibling already attending our school then offer will be made depending on distance from school (this is advised by Admissions and Appeals)

School admissions are advised by the office of any pupils on the waiting list, and this is updated to them every time a new application is made.