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Hola! Soy Senora Crompton!


Hi I’m Mrs Crompton and I am the Spanish teacher at Yardley Wood School.

I teach children in the Year 1 classes all the way up to Year 6!

The children have 1 Spanish lesson a week.


The aims of Spanish lessons at Yardley Wood


To develop children’s confidence in speaking and encourage a search for knowledge and understanding in Spanish.

To enhance multicultural awareness.

To provide opportunities for cross curricular links and reinforce and imbed further understanding in other topics and subjects.


Spanish lesson Content


Spanish vocabulary is picked from a range of schemes, lessons and ideas to suit Yardley Wood children.

Lots of songs and fun action songs in Spanish are practised.

Spanish content is chosen to create a good solid foundation for the language to be built upon in secondary school and beyond.

Vocabulary is also selected if it is considered common and useful when on holiday abroad, communicating with a Spanish speaking person or reading Spanish text.

The children discuss and complete questionnaires to help assist in shaping lesson content format and structure.


How is Spanish delivered?


Spanish is delivered in each class room.

Children practise key vocabulary and practise it through table top games, mixing and matching activities and tasks, songs and a range of Spanish apps.

Spanish class content is tailor made for each year group according to levels of understanding, pace and depth.

Cross curricular links are made where relevant and appropriate.


How is Spanish recorded?


Spanish is recorded through a range of media. Each child has their own Spanish book to record activities and tasks. Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation also recorded on children’s online learning journals “Seesaw”.

The children in Spanish use a wide range of apps to express their success and showcase their achievements. Apps include Chatterkid, Green screen, Shadow puppet, Word wall, Scratch Junior and Pic collage.


How is Spanish assessed?


Spanish is assessed through Spanish quizzes set every half term and “Seesaw” uploads are tagged against KS2 POS languages audit statements.


Every half term a couple of students from each class are awarded “Spanish student of the Term.” They are chosen because they have displayed great contribution, enthusiasm and personal progress. They receive a certificate and a Spanish sticker to take home.



How is “Gifted and Talented” identified and awarded?


A couple of children in each class are selected to help and support others in their class. They have shown a good grasp of Spanish knowledge and understanding and are patient when helping others. These children are called “Language Leaders.” The role of “Language Leader” is important and can be passed on to other children who become worthy and are interested in the post.

Children are also offered additional tasks and challenges if they are keen and committed to complete them at home.


The children have great fun in Spanish lessons from singing Head, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish to Green screen restaurant dramas!


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