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SEND Offer

Yardley Wood Community Primary School's information for parents with children who have a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND)

Details included in the reports below have been written in conjunction with a range of schools in the Birmingham area with specific reference made to what is at Yardley Wood Community Primary School.

We hope you can find all the information you need but if you have any further questions then please contact the Inclusion Leader, Miss Walls, on the schools number 0121 675 2456

1) What kinds of Special Educational Needs does the school make provision for? What type of provision does the school make and how do they know it works?

2) How does the school identify and assess Special Educational Needs?

3) How does the school know how much progress is made by pupils with Special Educational Needs?

4) What extra-curricular activities can a pupil with Special Educational Needs access at school?

5) Does the school have a Special Education Needs Co-ordinator? If so who are they and how can someone get in touch with them?

6) What training does the staff in school have in relation to pupils with Special Educational Needs?

7) How does the school get more specialist help for pupils if they need it?

8) How are parents and young people with Special Educational Needs involved in the education of their child?

9) How are pupils with Special Education Needs involved in their own education?

10) If a parent of a child with Special Educational Needs has a complaint about the school how does the governing body (or proprietor) deal with a complaint?

11) What does the SEN governor do?

12) Who are the support services that can help parents with pupils who have Special Education Needs?

13) How does the school support pupils with Special Educational Needs through transition?

14) What does Birmingham Local Authority do?