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At Yardley Wood Community Primary School, school meals are available to children at the current standard charge. School subscribes to the online Free School Meals Eligibility Checking Service. Parents who feel their children may be entitled to free meals should put their information into the website:


Our office staff will be glad to help with this if any parents are unsure what to do. No identification is made of children who take free meals.


Universal free school meals stop at the end of Year 2.


Every effort is made to accommodate children with particular dietary requirements. Halal meat, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available. Meals are cooked on site in our kitchen and you can view the menus that we have on offer below.

Week One started on Monday 19th February 2024

Sandwich options - if your child is eligible for free school meals, they can have a packed lunch made for them to take on school trips.